API Development in Azure – Tech Talks by Nexten



API Development in Azure – Tech Talks by Nexten


Introducing the first Tech Talk by Take a deep dive into today’s technologies with genuine tech discussions. Learn, network and have fun.

Join us for a geeky evening amongst software developers, architects and tech leads. No ties allowed!

Dive into the world of Azure and API development across technology stacks with renowned Microsoft lead Nick Trogh and MVP Steve Melan

In the first edition, we welcome Azure evangelist and Technical Lead Nick Trogh from Microsoft Western Europe and Luxembourg MVP Steve Melan, Head of IT Innovation & Senior IT Architect at BCEE, to take us through developing APIs with Microsoft Azure:

Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, specify how software components and systems should interact. In this session, we’ll briefly look at what APIs are and how to create them. Then we’ll dive deeper into how APIs can be used: how do you orchestrate multiple APIs, how can you productize them, how to do versioning, etc.

Nick and Steve will give us several demos using different technology stacks, making this talk highly relevant not only for .NET developers, but also for backend developers, software architects and tech leads using other stacks.

Everyone will have the chance to take part in an open discussion and ask their burning questions. This will be followed by a drink where you can meet new faces and continue the discussion over beers. Food provided so you won't go hungry!


17:30: Doors open

18:00-19:00: Joint talk by Nick Trogh (Microsoft Azure) and Steve Melan (BCEE) with demos on API Development in Azure across technology stacks

19:00-19:30: Open audience discussion

19:30-21:00: Beers and discussion

Spots are limited - once we're full, we're full! So get your ticket today!

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