Silversquare digital marketing community : Jennifer Boistelle

01 February 2019

Silversquare digital marketing community : Jennifer Boistelle

The digital marketing community of Silversquare is growing fast! Since the beginning of the year, Silversquare Luxembourg counts three new members in this field. Meet Jenn, expert in digital marketing, one of our latest coworkers.

Jenn Boistelle and the digital marketing world

Have you ever heard of Jennifer Boistelle?

She’s just arrived at Silversquare and she’s got a quite huge Instagram community.

More than 24 000 persons follow her on her instagram account. Are you one of them?

If yes, you must already know she’s a Marketing Director and Digital Marketing Consultant. She works in fashion, cosmetics and she’s the creative director for a famous French tea brand. One of the things she likes the most is to rebrand companies and help them to create their own universe.

As a Digital Marketing expert, she also had to tame the digital world so that she could master its rules.

Masterclass studio presents its next digital marketing event at Silversquare

To share her knowledge she had the idea to create Masterclass Studio, a company dedicated to digital strategy.

And guess who she partnered with? Emilie Higle, the international influencer, who lives between Paris and Luxembourg and makes people dream with her daily pictures on instagram and her blog notes.

Both friends since 2012, the girls decided to combine their skills so that they could teach people how to define a successful digital strategy. Their brand new company organises one of its first masterclasses at Silversquare. The following subjects will be tackled : e-reputation, image strategy, web monetization and influence marketing. The duo promises that you’ll have the keys to create your own digital strategy at the end of the session.

Jenn highlights that digital marketing is not well established in Luxembourg, while the Grand Duchy has a penetration rate of more than 90% of smartphones equipment.

It is the number 1 country of the European Union to hold this rate.

Luxembourg, what are you waiting to snag the brass ring?

Did this triggered something in you?

You can meet Jenn at the first floor of our coworking. She loves Silversquare cosmopolitanism, so it will be easy to get in touch.

And if you want to learn quick, don’t miss their masterclass next Tuesday!

About Masterclass Studio :

Masterclass Studio is a young company focused on digital strategy and digital marketing. Their owners, Emilie Higle and Jennifer Boistelle are developing an e-shop where they will display digital learning modules and booklets.

They are also programming more masterclasses in France and Belgium.

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