Day pass

Day pass

Day pass
Only here for the day or want to join us on a trial period before fully committing? A Silversquare Day Pass opens up any of our coworking locations in Brussels and Luxembourg.

Every day pass membership includes:

  • Common & lounge areas with outstanding amenities
  • Coffee, tea & water available throughout the premises
  • Reception
  • Excellent internet bandwidth, gsm antenna, IT, copy machines, etc
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Silversquare Antwerp Tower

Typical Day pass in Silversquare Liberté

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Even if you aren’t a member of Silversquare yet, we still treat you like one. Access all of our coworking locations, brainstorm and meet new people in our open and shared spaces. Take comfort in the knowledge that you can have all of the advantages without the pressure of fully committing. We even offer a same day service in case you are in urgent need your own workspace or if you’re just popping by on business.

Maybe you’re looking to try us out before you fully commit? Well that’s quite alright with us! Our Day Pass can be a standalone purchase or can be bought at a discounted rate for a pack of 10. Each of our locations has their own charm and appeal, why not check them out to see which one works best for you. Be part of our growing coworking community, take advantage of our flexibility and discover shared workspaces where ambitious minds and game changes come together to make things happen.

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