Office solutions for bigger companies

Office solutions for bigger companies

Office solutions for bigger companies
Downsize? Extend? Regionalize or consolidate? Do you want to attract and retain talent? Coworking spaces offers an excellent work experience for (remote) employees who are looking for flexibility & well-being at work.

What can we offer ?

  • Office solution
  • National network
  • Your serviced office of tomorrow
  • Local hubs
  • Alternative to homeworking
  • Temporary office solutions
  • Business development portfolio
  • Meeting rooms and event spaces from 4 to 300 people
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In a fast-changing world, companies are rethinking their use of space and time, seeking more and more efficiency and flexibility, while preserving a sense of community and togetherness. Silversquare was born from this state of mind. Aware that the office of tomorrow will be the cornerstone of new lifestyles, we provide state-of-the-art coworking venues to meet every need and every dream.

Ask any millennial about the things they’d love to see in a workspace, and you can expect to hear the words ‘flexibility’ and ‘innovation’. Employees ask for a stimulating and inspiring work environment that offers a good work-life balance, ideally not too far from home to avoid commuting time. And coworking spaces offer just that!

The "large-account" offer is a 100% custom made offer. Contact us so we can talk about your structure. We will propose a solution to offer you and your employees the flexibility you need!

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