Vous recherchez des avocats spécialisés dans les fonds d'investissement, contactez Marjac Avocats.

Vous recherchez des avocats spécialisés dans les fonds d'investissement, contactez Marjac Avocats.

We have set-up the new law firm Marjac Avocats in October 2019 because we wanted something else in our working lives. Marjac Avocats is focusing on investment funds and regulatory matters. We have been working since more than 20 years each in the finance industry in Luxembourg. By the way, this is how we met: young junior lawyers at Loesch & Wolter becoming Linklaters Luxembourg. After years of work in law firms and banks, we came both to the conclusion that we could not find our place in the existing firms (nationals, internationals, we tried several of them).

Why Marjac ?

  • We want to give sense to what we do
  • We want more interconnections with the world
  • We want to be able to privilege quality above quantity and profitability
  • We want more human and simple relationships with colleagues and with clients
  • We want to offer better service and take the advantage of the new technologies

What did we do ?

Take a RISK and forget monthly wages to set-up our firm as we want and try to make the difference. And it did work!

We are both pretty well known in the finance industry as a professional but also as individuals for our human sense of approach. We met people and started to on-board clients. Formers clients followed, interest was growing in the market and people helped us where they could. We could not have dreamed better!

But now and the covid-19 crisis ?

We cannot meet people anymore and it is hard to develop. We are present on the web, but we have to acknowledge that in our case face to face meeting are much more profitable. With the crisis and the inability to meet people we find it hard to get new clients. We are working in the finance world and many of our clients have been hit by the market turbulences. Some clients have stopped their projects, business has slowed down and probably for a while. For a starting firm it is more than hard, like for many of you !

What’s next ?

Thanks to our strong organization and IT system, we work remotely from home, organize calls and online meetings. We can continue to serve clients as before.

What we need is : that you speak about us, if you know people working in the finance area please talk about Marjac, and if you hear talks about investment funds lawyers do not hesitate to recommend us ! That would be the best help for our survival.

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